Anne Heche's hour of horror: How star 'drunkenly crashed into garage, sped away at 90mph', plowed through an LA house and spent 30 minutes in a burning car before being rescued

  • Actress Anne Heche was rushed to hospital on Friday morning after she crashed her car into two homes in the space of minutes
  • Heche crashed into a garage door and resisted residents help when they tried to help her to get out of the car
  • A photo from the crash appeared to show a bottle of liquor in her front cupholder¬†
  • The 'Donnie Brasco' star sped away from the scene and was seen on a Ring camera driving around 90 miles per hour in a residential area¬†
  • The second crash caused a major inferno at a house that took firefighters over an hour to extinguish¬†
  • Heche was extracted by crane from her car, which became embedded in the home, and rushed to a local hospital
  • Video from the scene shows Heche attempting to escape from a stretcher as rescue workers tried to save her¬†

Actress Anne Heche was involved in two car crashes minutes apart in Los Angeles on Friday. The second crash caused a fire that destroyed the house. 


As a result of the blaze, Heche, who is best known for her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and her acting roles in the 1990s, was taken to a local hospital and intubated. 

Heche first crashed her car into an apartment building in Los Angeles on Friday morning around 11:00 am, she fled that scene and continued driving on the same block before crashing into another home.   

At the scene of the first crash, residents of the apartment building attempted to free Heche from the car. The star resisted, putting her car in reverse and speeding off. 

The TMZ report mentions that photos from the time of the first crash show that Heche may have had a bottle of 'alcohol' in the cup holder. In June 2021, Heche said on an episode of her podcast 'Better Together' that she is sober.   

Following the initial crash, Heche's blue Mini Cooper is shown on a doorbell camera speeding past a home along South Walgrove Avenue in the Mar Vista neighborhood around 90 miles per hour. 

Minutes later Heche crashed into a two-story home along the same street causing the house and Heche's car to become engulfed in flames. 

The home is located around 15 miles from Heche's home in the Eastern Columbia Lofts building in the Broadway Theater District of Downtown Los Angeles. 

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the crash caused 'structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire.' 

In a tweet, the LAFD said that it took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to put out the blaze. The home is now 'uninhabitable.' The owner of the home was unharmed as they were in the backyard when Heche careered into the front of the building.

Pictures and video showed her looking dazed at the wheel after the first crash, with a witness capturing her with a bottle with a red top on it in her car. It is not clear what was in the container but it looked like a vodka bottle

In a report from the scene prior to Heche's extraction around 11:30 am, Fox 11's Stu Mandel said: 'If there's somebody alive in there this is going to be a miracle.' Minutes later, Heche can be seen being carried from the scene. 

A witness told NBC Los Angeles that a crane was used to extract Heche from her car.  

Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Erik Scott told the media: 'We really had a multifaceted incident here. We had a significant traffic collision, we had entrapment of a woman inside that, we had a car that erupted into fire, and then we had a home that had significant fire that is red tagged. It's at this point destroyed.'  


The 'Six Days, Seven Nights' star was rushed to a local hospital. At the time of writing, she is listed as being in critical condition as she is being treated for burns. Heche is expected to survive

According to TMZ, Heche was behaving erratically. 

Video from the scene shows Heche being carried away with burned clothes and covered in a white sheet. At one point, Heche sits up on the stretcher and gesticulates with the firefighters while seemingly trying to escape. 

Burn victims are regularly wrapped in a sterile sheet doused in sterile water to cool the wounds.  

An overhead view shows the massive amounts of damage caused by the fiery car crash to Anne Heche's Mini
Smoke can be seen billowing out of the roof of the home which the LA Fire Department say has been destroyed
Shocking images also show the burnt out wreckage of her Mini Clubman as it was towed out of a hedge across the road from a school in the Mar Vista area

The incident occurred in the Mar Vista-section of Los Angeles. There were no other injuries as a result of the crash. 

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, a law enforcement source said that Heche was 'deemed to be under the influence and acting erratically.'      

'Her condition prevents doctors from performing any tests to determine if she was driving under the influence of alcohol,' TMZ reported. spoke exclusively with neighbor David Manpearl who caught the incident on his doorbell camera.

Manpearl's home office looks out to his front yard on a quiet residential street about five houses away from where Heche plowed into a home.

'At about 10:50am I heard a car go speeding by and looked out my window where I saw the car going about 90 miles an hour. Within seconds I heard a loud crash at which point I ran outside in my flip flops because I knew someone was hurt and boy was I right.'

Manpearl who has lived in the family friendly neighborhood said he ran towards the intersection where the Mini had crashed into the home.

An interior shot shows the Mini Clubman's airbag had blown out along with most of the decor being burnt through following the crash
Heche can be seen being removed from the scene on a stretcher and taken towards a waiting ambulance

'Before I approached the car, I saw the resident of the home standing barefoot in the debris. She was in shock and frantically asked me to help get her pets out of the house. I was able to get the leashes for her two small dogs and escorted her out of the side of her house. She had her two dogs with her and a tortoise.'

Manpearl explained how he then went to the car to help the driver who was wedged inside between the airbag and the seat.


'I tried speaking with her a few times asking if she was ok but she wasn't responding so I had to get closer. I was able to open the back door of the car and crawled half-way inside. This time when I asked her if she was ok, she said no.'

Manpearl asked Heche if she could raise her hand to see if she was ok and she said no and made some grunts. That's when the hero neighbor felt water dripping on him only to realize another neighbor was squirting a hose at the car which had now caught on fire and was quickly spreading up the walls of the house.

'I tried to talk to her again and noticed it was getting smokey and the flames were now on my right and my left so I quickly made my way out of the car.'

The engineer made his way to the front of the house and attempted to put out the flames with another hose but realized it was useless because the whole house was ablaze.

Heche arrives for the premiere of Netflix's 'The Unforgivable' at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles in December 2021
Heche and long-timer partner Ellen DeGeneres pictured together in 2000

By now nearly ten fire trucks had arrived on the scene.

'I was positive that the driver was dead. That she had burned up. It took at least 30 minutes for the fire department to douse the flames, extract the car and pull her out of the car.'

'I was surprised to find out that it was Anne Heche. I think I knew she had had problems in the past.'

The owner of the home, together with all her pets, tortoise included, spent the remainder of the day at Manpearl's house where neighbors brought her food and clothes. The LAFD said her whole house is now destroyed.

The 53-year-old actress is best known for her roles in hit movies from the 1990s such as 'Volcano', 'Donnie Brasco' and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer.' In her early career, Heche won a Daytime Emmy Award for her role on the soap opera 'Another World.' 

Heche long claimed that she was blacklisted from Hollywood following her lesbian relationship with Elle DeGeneres. The couple dated between 1997 and 2000. 


Following that relationship, Heche married James Tupper and had a son together named Atlas.  

In a 2021 interview, Heche said that she was  'patient zero' of cancel culture. 

In 2000, Heche was arrested after she went on to someone else's property in Fresno wearing in her bra, California. This led to her being hospitalized. 

A witness said that time: 'She proceeded to tell me that she was God and was going to take everyone back to heaven with her in some sort of spaceship.'


In her 2001 memoir 'Call Me Crazy,' Heche wrote that that at one point of her life: 'I believed I was from another planet. I think I was instane.'


 Heche, a native of Aurora,, most recently starred in the action pic 13 Minutes,'in which she starred alongside Thora Birch, Amy Smart and Will Peltz.

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