'The biggest con they have': Steve Bannon calls to SCRAP the Federal Reserve saying it has 'USURPED' the power of the people as he promises a 'democracy suppository' in November's midterms

  • Steve Bannon addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday
  • He said conservatives were in a 'political and ideological war'
  • But he reserved particular anger for the Federal Reserve¬†
  • It has 'usurped the power of the American people,' he said in a fiery speech¬†
  • And he said voters would deliver a 'democracy suppository¬†

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon demanded the end of the Federal Reserve in a rabble-rousing speech to conservatives on Friday night, saying fat cat bankers had taken too much power

Instead he demanded that control of the bank be handed back to the American people and slammed the way it had freely been printing money through the pandemic. 

'We don't need to audit the Fed,' said.

'We need to end the Federal Reserve. 

'The Federal Reserve has usurped its power and the power of the American people and our elected representatives.'

He laid down a fiery call to arms at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Former President Donald Trump will headline the event on Saturday, its final day.

Former White House Trump strategist Steve Bannon called for the scrapping of the Fed in a speech to conservatives on Friday. 'It's the biggest con they have,' he said

The Federal Reserve has aggressively printed money since the pandemic began to try to keep the U.S. economy afloat. 'The greatest export we have is the dollar but all of that rests on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren,' said Bannon

On Friday evening, attendees gathered to dine on short ribs at the Cattleman's dinner.

They were entertained by Seth Dillon, of the satirical website the Babylon Bee, and Bannon, who railed against Biden's election victory and repeated discredited claims that the vote was stolen.

'We're at war. We are at war ... a political and ideological war,' he said

'Think about after high noon on the 20th of January 2021 when an illegitimate imposter took over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and took over the administration.'

He is due to be sentenced in October after last month being found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress for failing to comply with the House January 6 investigation.

But that has not tamed his rhetoric, and he has been broadcasting his War Room podcast from the CPAC conference, attracting a noisy crowd every day. 

He turned his populist guns on the central bank in one of the fiercest parts of his speech on Friday.

The Fed has aggressively printed trillions of dollars in an effort to keep the economy afloat since the pandemic began. 

'It's the biggest con they have,' he said. 

Bannon and My Pillow Chief Executive Mike Lindell were among the speakers at CPAC Texas

Trump cutouts are used to sell conservative cellphone plans at CPAC Texas in Dallas

If the merch is a measure, CPAC attendees are four square behind Trump

'The Fed's balance sheet is now about $9 trillion. 

'The greatest export we have is the dollar but all of that rests on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren,' he said.

'Those are all due bills or income due. 

'We've just cranked everything up. That's what they're talking about these ridiculous insane bills of trillions of dollars, because the Federal Reserve will print the money.'

He praised firebrand conservative Kari Lake, one of the stars of the conference after winning the Republican primary for Arizona governor last week.

And he called on the conservative movement to organize ahead of November's midterms. 

'All they talk about an MSNBC is democracy, democracy democracy,' he said. 'We're gonna give them a democracy suppository on November 8.'

A day earlier Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the Biden administration as 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' on Friday for failing to stand up more vigorously to China when a former editor for its state media called for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plane to be shot down when she visited Taiwan.

Sen. Ted Cruz addressed conservatives at a conference in Dallas, Texas, Thursday. He said the White House was making the world less safe by failing to stand up forcefully to China

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan enflamed tensions between Washington and Beijing. China has launched live fire military exercises around the island

He said the White House was making the world less safe. 

Pelosi's visit - the first by a House speaker in more than 20 years - has heighted tensions between Washington and Beijing, which launched live fire exercises in the seas around the autonomous island.

It was preceded by calls on social media for Pelosi's plane to shot down if it did not divert from its course. 

'The White House press secretary was asked what does the White House think about this and, I kid you, not their answer was: We have no position on that,' he told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

'Like what the hell is wrong with you?

'I'm no fan of Pelosi.

'But the only answer to an enemy of America threatening to murder the speaker of the House of the United States is that would be an act of war, and the result would be devastating consequences.

'And the weakness and appeasement that comes from these cheese eating surrender monkeys is making America and in the entire world far less safe.'


'The biggest con they have': Steve Bannon calls to SCRAP the Federal Reserve

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