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Whitney Port's Husband Timmy Says He Was 'Shocked and Then … Pissed' Following Miscarriages
Whitney Port's husband Timmy Rosenman opens up about his "progression of emotions" following Port's miscarriages on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast
Whitney Port on Recording Reaction After Her Third Miscarriage: I Had 'Clarity About How I Felt'
Whitney Port opens up on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast about her decision to discuss her miscarriage on an episode of her own podcast With Whit
Whitney Port Says She and Her Husband Are 'In the Discovery Phase' Following Third Miscarriage
Whitney Port and husband Tim Rosenman share 4-year-old son Sonny Sanford
Whitney Port Stopped Breastfeeding Two Weeks After Giving Birth: 'It Was Just Too Painful'
"The night I got home my nipples were already like chafed and dry and bloody and painful, that I couldn't breastfeed anymore," Whitney Port shares on this week's episode of Me Becoming Mom
Whitney Port on the Hilarious Moment She Learned She'd Had a Boy After Giving Birth
Whitney Port recounts the moment she gave birth to son Sonny Sanford on this week's episode of Me Becoming Mom
Brooklyn Decker Reveals the Uncomfortable Task She Asked a Friend to Do Right After Childbirth
"I need someone to take in what's happening down there," Brooklyn Decker recalls after giving birth

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