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10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad from Drowning in Pool: 'I'll Be Grateful for the Rest of My Life'
“I was like, I’ve had some moments with him, with happy, sad and some mad moments, but I’m like, 'I don’t want this to be the last moment,” Bridon Hassig said of his father
Passenger Who Landed Airplane with No Flying Experience Speaks Out: 'Life or Death Situation'
Darren Harrison was able to safely land an airplane last Tuesday after the pilot fell "unconscious"
Blake Shelton Brings 6-Year-Old Boy in Need of Heart Transplant Up on Stage for Duet
The mother of the 6-year-old boy, Wyatt, said Blake Shelton "absolutely made Wyatt's day" by bringing him on the stage during his Saturday concert
Illinois Man Dead After Jumping in Frozen Pond to Save Granddaughter, 10: 'He Died a Hero'
Carlos Serafin "would do anything for anybody" because "that's just who he [was]," the girl's great aunt, Amanda Beals, told local station WCIA
11-Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Saves Classmate from Choking, Woman from House Fire in Same Day
Davyon Johnson was named an honorary deputy for the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office to honor his heroics
Jail Inmates Help Rescue Tornado Victims at Kentucky Candle Factory: They Were 'Working Their Tails Off'
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said about 40 of the 110 people working in the factory at the time of the natural disaster had been rescued as of Sunday morning

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Texas 6th Graders Become Friends After One Saves the Other From Choking: 'He Knew What to Do'
Arad Arbasi says he leaped to James Dawson's aid when the middle schooler began choking on a plastic wrapper during lunch
This Nurse Practitioner Saw a Need to Support Moms' Mental Health — and Created a Clinic and a Hotline
Christena Raines tells PEOPLE about opening the first in-patient Perinatal Mental Health unit in the country and serving as the Board Chair of Postpartum Support International
9-Year-Old Girl Saves Family from Carbon Monoxide by Unlocking Dad's Phone with His Face to Call 911

"I heard my dad screaming and saw my mom passed out," Jayline Barbosa Brandão recalled