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Amanda Harman

Amanda Harman is a fresh English graduate, writer, movie enthusiast, TV show binger, and amateur nerd who just started writing news articles for Screen Rant. She basically lives on IMDb and constantly annoys her friends and family with her favorite movie trivia and plot points. They begged her to apply this useless knowledge more productively. Now, they get a break, and Screen Rant gets new articles. As she watches more movies, Amanda is excited to find more trivia, dive deeper into these fictional worlds, and learn more about crafting good stories. She would like to possibly write a novel one day, and there is no better way to improve writing than to study great storytellers who have amazing worlds, plots, and characters. Recently moving from Colorado to Kansas, Amanda is excited to see where this dramatic scene change will take her, hopefully somewhere cool like Oz. But in the meantime, she is headed back to the couch to watch another movie. Where's that remote?


Lightyear Pitch Meeting

The newest episode of Screen Rant's Pitch Meeting series is all about Pixar's latest outing, the slightly confusing Toy Story spinoff Lightyear.

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