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Peter Mutuc

Born, raised, and still based in the dystopian hellscape of Metro Manila, Philippines, Peter Mutuc’s knowledge of geekdom was forged in the ancient, lagging fires of 56kbps internet and dodgy forums - but now burns bright with the light of the eternal datasphere. Before his current foray into series and movie feature writing, Peter was a ghostwriter who aimlessly haunted the wasteland for copper pieces and XP. In the physical world, Peter was obsessed about biking as far as humanly possible and petting the occasional strange doge. Today, when he is not rummaging through the drit looking for useful numenera, Peter is either bothering his black-brown-white tabby cat T'Challa Kittenbane or brewing ginger beer at home. During the pandemic, while stuck inside a tiny condo unit that thankfully had a somewhat nice view, Peter also translated the book Migrantik by his favorite Filipino (Tagalog) author Norman "4 Joints" Wilwayco into English. The English translation of Migrantik, a novel about a pinoy immigrant parent's journey in Australia and the drug war back at home, is now available on Amazon.


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