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Warren Elliott

Warren Elliott is a freelance entertainment writer working hard for Screen Rant. They graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020 with a degree in English and Creative Writing. They’ve seen more movies than anyone else they know and will happily regale you with facts about the Italian Neorealist Movement or the story of how they sat through all ten hours of the Dekalog. Their other interests include video games, musicals, Dungeons & Dragons, true crime, performing stand-up comedy, mixing cocktails, and trying to convince friends to go see the latest artsy independent horror film. They live in Los Angeles, and dream of one day writing their own movies instead of just writing about them. Their first novel, The Author’s Client, is currently being shopped to publishers and will hopefully arrive on bookstore shelves as soon as possible. Until then, they’ll continue their binge of Indonesian action films and niche independent dramas.


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