Screen Rant can exclusively present a first look at the trailer for the upcoming film Bullet Proof, which is set to be released in theaters, On Demand and digital by Lionsgate on August 19 before arriving on Blu-ray September 27. The action thriller is a gut-punching adventure directed by James C. Clayton as a feature film debut. Clayton not only co-wrote the project but also stars in it alongside Vinnie Jones (Law & Order: Organized Crime, Snatch).

Jones plays Temple, a sadistic mob boss whose pregnant wife Mia (portrayed by Lina Lecompte, Motherland: Fort Salem) has gone missing after a thief (played by Clayton) stole millions of his cash from a drug hideout. But lest audiences think Temple is the hero, when "the thief" (as he is known thus far) finds Mia stowed away in his getaway car, he learns that she is trying to escape her husband as well. But Temple will not let go of his money or his unborn child all that easily, and so the thief and Mia must team up to take him down - or at least get out safe and sound.


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In Screen Rant's exclusive first look at the Bullet Proof trailer below, audiences can quickly see that Temple is far from alone in his attempts to recover what he believes to be rightfully his. With a squad of hit men and bounty hunters at their backs, Mia and her thief must pool all their resources together and show more guts and grit than they probably possess. Catch the trailer below:

(Watch the full trailer on YouTube.)

Bullet Proof has a cast full of bright actors in addition to its leads, including Philip Granger (who stars in the upcoming series Grendel), Glenn Ennis (The Man in the High Castle), Lori Triolo, and Janvier Katabarwa. Many of them have not only worked on shows like Riverdale and The 100 in the past, but have also done stunts for high-profile projects - which will surely be reflected in this new film full of high-octane action.

Other recent releases distributed by Lionsgate this year include the apocalyptic Moonfall from filmmaker Roland Emmerich, and the self-aware Nic Cage comedy adventure The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Upcoming releases to watch out for are Fall on August 12 and Kevin Smith's Clerks III on September 13. Bullet Proof has a runtime of 92 minutes and is rated R for violence.

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Bullet Proof will be released in theaters, On Demand and digital August 19 before arriving on Blu-ray September 27.

Source: Lionsgate

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