There has always been a mythic quality surrounding the lore of Dragon Ball, particularly in regards to the character of Master Roshi and that is further solidified in a new piece of fan art. While Roshi has settled in recent years into a more comedic supporting role, it is important to remember that his name already evokes the stuff of legends before the franchise even begins. Some hundred years prior to the events of Dragon Ball, he becomes the first person to ever successfully climb the colossal scaled Korin Tower, proceeding to then train under Korin.

Afterward, Master Roshi gains a reputation as one of the strongest fighters on the planet at the time. This eventually helps the hermit pave the way toward training some of the most prominent fighters of the future, like Goku, Krillin, Grandpa Gohan, and the Ox-King. Not to mention, he goes on to win the prestigious World Martial Arts Tournament twice, lastly beating his student Goku in the finals. While Roshi has proven in recent memory to still be nearly as powerful as he was in his prime, it is easy to forget how powerful he is when he's mostly busy gawking at women and making crude jokes nowadays.


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Thankfully, Twitter user 簡志剛 (@Justin96636) is happy to remind users of Master Roshi's awesome might in some equally awesome fan art. @Justin96636 specializes in Ukiyo-e, a style of Japanese art that dates back to the 17th century. Prints and paintings like this often served the purpose of depicting highly respected and noteworthy figures, like sumo wrestlers and kabuki actors. Now, Master Roshi is undeniably such a figure deserving of respect.

If the most recent installment of the manga franchise, Dragon Ball Super, is anything to base on, Master Roshi has been one of the most powerful humans on earth for years, even if he has remained stagnant on Kame House for most of his elderly age. The Tournament of Power reminded readers just how strong Roshi actually is, even if some fans forgot.

It is understandable why Master Roshi's comedic moments greatly overshadow his more serious moments. He has spent a large portion of his time in the series being the butt of a joke rather than being in a serious position. But if this piece of fan art is a reminder of anything, it is just how pivotal Master Roshi has been to the shaping of Dragon Ball and its plot, and it goes far beyond just because he trained the main character.

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Source: 簡志剛 (@Justin96636) via Twitter

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