Warning: Spoilers for X-Men #12 ahead

One of Krakoa's most powerful mutants, the iconic Rogue, is leaving the official X-Men team ahead of the 2022 Hellfire Gala, instead choosing to team up with her powerful mothers Destiny and Mystique. While Rogue got her start at Marvel Comics working closely with her mothers, she quickly rebuked their villainous lifestyle, and has been at odds with them ever since.

Rogue first debuted in 1981's Avengers Annual #10 as a teenaged villain, adopted by Mystique and Destiny and working with their Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, as a formidable foe against the Avengers. Famously, Rogue stole the mind and powers of Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel at the time, and Mystique had to let Charles Xavier take her in and care for her after the absorption impacted her psyche, leading to Rogue denouncing the Brotherhood and formally becoming an X-Man forever after.


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Since then, Rogue and Mystique have fought often and while Mystique has literally saved her daughters life on occasion, she has threatened it more often, meaning the two have had a rough relationship for years. Rogue was always closer to her other mother, Destiny, who was always the more compassionate and level-headed of Anna Marie's, but Irene died years ago and has only just been resurrected on Krakoa, allowing the fractured family the chance to finally reconnect. X-Men #12 - written by Gerry Duggan with art by Pepe Larraz - follows several different factions of Cyclops' X-Men team as they battle various foes, but it ends with the team jointly discussing membership and who will be leaving the team. Every annual Hellfire Gala the mutants of Krakoa will vote on new representatives on the official X-Men team, and X-Men #12 makes it clear that Rogue, along with Sunfire, Polaris, and Wolverine will also certainly be leaving the team after their first year. Specifically, Rogue reports that while she would love to stay on the team her "destiny lies elsewhere," reflecting that apparently her mother Destiny needs her help to prevent "mutants walking through a gate and never returning."

Destiny is a vastly powerful precognitive capable of seeing multiple possible futures, and with so many threats looming over the nation of Krakoa amid Judgment Day it is honestly difficult to know exactly what Rogue is referencing here with Destiny's prediction. One solid guess would be that Destiny is referring to the Siege Perilous, a magical gate famous from 1980s X-Men comics that is now a main plot in the Knights of X series, which stars Rogue's husband Gambit. Not only is Gambit a major part of Betsy Braddock's Knights of X team, but he also recently "died" in Knights of X #3, and once Rogue finds out it is assured that she will do whatever she can to get to Otherworld. The Siege Perilous allows mutants to enter it and come out with an entirely new life, with new memories and history, meaning a mutant could go through and never return to Krakoa, which could be what Destiny is alluding too. Destiny does not like Gambit at all, and thinks he's a terrible partner for Anna Marie, so there is a chance Destiny saw Rogue running away to Otherworld to find Remy, and end up going through the Siege Perilous herself, which is why Destiny wants Rogue by her side instead.

Regardless of exactly what prediction Destiny is using to get her daughter back on her team, alongside her wife Mystique, it is clear that Rogue's next big moves with the X-Men will involve her truly legendary mothers, and potentially the terrifying possibilities of the Siege Perilous from Knights of X.

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X-Men #12 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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