Popular TikTokker and cosplayer Yandere Freak is facing manslaughter charges, following their apparent role in a shooting that left a friend of theirs dead. Yandere Freak, whose real name is Mary Anne Oliver-Snow, has also come under fire for continuing to post on their TikTok after the event and pending trial.

Their account is now private, following backlash over the decision to continue posting after the death of the victim. As reported by Dexerto, top voted comments on their videos included: "What a huge slap in the face to the families of the victims to be posting like this".

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According to a police report, the event took place when Snow and some friends were playing with a gun owned by an ex-boyfriend. In their account of events, Snow claims to have believed the gun was empty as the boyfriend had taken all the ammunition with him when he moved out. Describing themself as "pretty drunk", Snow was watching Gotham on TV, when they told their friends they "had a gun like Penguin does". While playing with it, a friend reportedly said "oh shoot me" as a joke, which Snow did, not expecting it to work. Snow says they do not know how the gun was loaded.

The police report says that the event took place January 17, with Snow making a statement the next day. They announced a break from TikTok on January 21, but resumed posting cosplay videos on February 10. Details on the death of a friend and manslaughter charges only came to light this week, with Snow posting as usual to their TikTok throughout.

Snow appears to have been well known in the cosplay community on TikTok for some time, typically through their previous handle of Snowthesaltqueen. They had previously come under fire for holding a cosplay photoshoot in a cemetery.

The first hearing is set for October 21, where evidence will be exchanged. Snow is currently released on bail, awaiting trial.

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