As Dusk Falls has players assume the roles of various characters throughout its six chapters. Some of these characters are good, and some of them are not as good. The game asks players to make judgments based on the character's actions and their responses to their environment.

Tyler and Sharon are both characters that originally appear as the villains of the story as they take over the Desert Dream motel. However, as the game progresses and the player learns more about their motivations, they come to sympathize with them a bit more. In the end, however, it is up to the player whether they escape successfully or are punished for their actions. If the player is looking to save Sharon and Tyler in As Dusk Falls, here's what they should do.


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How to Save Tyler

Tyler Holt is the eldest of the three Holt brothers and therefore leads the bunch. He tries to remain the voice of reason within the group, but is clearly under great stress and is unsure of what to do. It becomes quite clear that the Holt brothers are all way in over their heads and cannot handle the situation they've gotten themselves into.

Players will end up learning more about Tyler and his frustrations through his conversations with his mother, Sharon. This makes him a much more likable character, and provides a background for his actions. Tyler can find himself in danger twice throughout the game, with one of them leading to his potential death:

  • If the player decides to tell Dante about the cabin as Ash in his flashback, it opens up the possibility of Tyler's death. If Dante knows about the cabin, he will confront both Tyler and Sharon there, which may potentially lead to Tyler's death. Make sure to keep the cabin a secret as Ash to prevent this from occurring.
  • If the player decides to stomp on Tyler's feet as Jay in the woods, he will injure himself while falling. This will result in him being captured by the police and sentenced to life in prison. Here, the player should help Tyler up as Jay, as they'll wish each other well before heading their separate ways.

If Tyler makes it out of the dramatic ordeal alive, he will escape and work on an oil rig covertly. Unfortunately, he becomes estranged from his family and loses all contact with them.

How to Save Sharon

Sharon Holt is the mother of the Holt brothers, and is introduced a bit later in the As Dusk Falls. As the mother of the Holts, she attempts to save her sons from the situation and preserve the family. The player also learns more about the family through Sharon's backstory, and the debt their father (Bear) puts them in. Sharon is arguably more redeemable than Tyler, as she enters the story wanting to save her family rather than actively harm others.

The decision to save Sharon is a far more obvious one for the player, as the choice directly states that the player will save her. In order for Sharon to be saved, the player must opt to save her over Dante while playing as Paul. This will result in them escaping together. If the player chooses Dante, Sharon will be sent to prison instead. Sadly, regardless of the ending the player chooses, Sharon will end up estranged from her family.

As Dusk Falls is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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