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Martin Wood

Having worked as a writer for over a decade, Martin Wood first started his own academic gaming site before joining the GameRant team. His passion first started with Pokemon Silver and then exploded from there, becoming a huge driving force behind his aspirations in life. As an advocate for the critical academic study of gaming and backed by an MA in Literature and Culture with a Digital Specialty from the University of Birmingham, he's hoping to take the field further and help inspire others to join the conversation. If he's not found at his desk trying to plumb his brain for interesting insights and stories about gaming, then he'll either be doing "research" with his latest favorite games or spending time with his two poodles, Bentley and Jensen.

Articles Published : 91

Stray Deserves a Sequel

Following Stray's breakout success coming off a huge marketing campaign, a sequel is needed to tie off loose ends with the cat's journey home.

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