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The Quarry Review

Supermassive’s The Quarry is one of the best games from the developer since Until Dawn, but it still has some recurring issues from previous titles.


Soundfall Review

Soundfall is a treat for musically inclined gamers, but its monotonous combat and weak mechanics hold it back from being truly great.


Evil Dead: The Game Review

Evil Dead: The Game is one of the better asymmetric multiplayer horror games out there, but it's severely lacking content in its current state.


Trek to Yomi Review

The Akira Kurosawa inspiration brings an artful experience to Trek to Yomi that doesn't overstay its welcome in this latest indie darling.


Revita Review

Revita is a brilliant roguelite platformer featuring impactful mechanics and a fun gameplay loop complemented by a great combat system.


Moss: Book 2 Review

Moss: Book 2 continues Quill's story with even more satisfying puzzle-platforming action, but some issues hold it back from being exceptional.