Unless Genshin Impact players didn't pull on the Beginner Banner, it's practically impossible for them not to have Noelle. She'll be the first shielder players have in the game, and possibly the first healer too. In Genshin Impact, Noelle can fill several roles, earning her the title of "jack of all trades."

Unfortunately, however, in return for her flexibility, Noelle is cursed with the inability to excel at any one particular thing. As a shielder or a healer, Noelle is highly limited, and, sadly, she can be quite underwhelming as a DPS too. All that being said, when used correctly and with the right team around her, Noelle can still be useful.

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Noelle + Gorou + Albedo + Yun Jin

All four characters rely on their DEF and Geo DMG, which makes Gorou the star of this team composition since he can grow all of their abilities and take it to the next level. Gorou increases his allies’ DEF, Geo DMG, and Geo Crit DMG stats. Much like Albedo, Noelle could be considered an underrated Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact that will significantly benefit from Gorou’s buff to passively inflict massive Geo DMG.

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Usually, when Noelle uses her Elemental Burst, she relies on her Charged attacks since it’s buffed by her Constellations. In this team composition, however, Noelle will deal most of this team’s damage with her Normal Attacks, since they are double buffed by Yun Jin and Gorou.

Team Roles

  • Noelle: Main DPS, shielder, healer
  • Gorou: Buffer, minor healer
  • Albedo: Sub-DPS, battery
  • Yun Jin: Buffer

Arataki Itto + Gorou + Albedo + Noelle

This team composition places a lot of focus on the chemistry between Arataki Itto and Gorou since they are one of the best pairs in Genshin Impact. The amount of Geo characters in this team guarantees that Itto’s Elemental Burst will always be up and ready to use.

Both Itto and Noelle have high Energy costs for their bursts, but if the team has Albedo and battery-built Gorou, it's very unlikely that they will ever run out of Energy. Noelle acts as a shielder and healer. She can also take the DPS role when Itto's Burst is on cooldown.

Team Roles

  • Arataki Itto: Main DPS
  • Gorou: Buffer, minor healer
  • Albedo: Sub-DPS, battery
  • Noelle: Sub-DPS, shielder, healer

Hu Tao + Yelan + Albedo + Noelle

Both Hu Tao and Yelan pack a massive burst of damage during the nine seconds of Hu Tao’s Paramita Papilio state. However, since using Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill will cost 30% of her current HP, her ability constantly drains her HP and keeps her at a critical level where she needs constant protection. Usually, one of Xingqiu or Zhongli is present on the team to protect Hu Tao, but if neither is available, then Noelle can take their job.

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The best choice to add to this team composition is Albedo because of his fourth Ascension passive that adds 125 Elemental Mastery to the team when he uses his Elemental Burst. This buff further improves the duo of Hu Tao and Yelan since it increases their Vaporize reactions. Additionally, Albedo and Noelle will activate the Geo Resonance that will keep Hu Tao’s damage buffed by 15%, as long as she's shielded.

While Noelle’s shield suffers from a massive cooldown, it’s still decent enough to protect Hu Tao during the time she’s on the field. Noelle can also heal as much as necessary to keep Hu Tao leaning around her 50% Max HP. Finally, whenever Hu Tao goes under 30%, Noelle’s first ascension passive will immediately cast an emergency shield to save the day.

Team Roles

  • Hu Tao: Main DPS
  • Yelan: Sub-DPS, buffer
  • Albedo: Sub-DPS, buffer, part of the Geo Resonance
  • Noelle: Shielder, healer, part of the Geo Resonance

Genshin Impact is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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