Given where Barry's third season ended, it should come as no surprise that the HBO show won't get any happier from here. Henry Winkler, who plays acting teacher Gene Cousineau, gave a very minor but also very grim update on where the show will be headed when the fourth season starts.

Winkler has been a part of HBO's Barry since the series premiered back in 2018. His performance as the eccentric acting coach Gene Cousineau was so revered that he earned an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series after the first season.


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In a recent interview with E! News, Winkler admitted that Barry's tone would never return to what it was during its earlier seasons after reading the first several scripts for the show's upcoming fourth season. While Winkler did not give away any spoilers, in fact, he gave away very little, he implied that the show only gets worse from here. "I read the first four scripts," Winkler said, "and I can say to you there is no peace." It makes sense that the show won't have any peace. Barry and Fuches just got arrested thanks to Janice Moss' father, while Sally will have to deal with the trauma of knowing that she killed someone even though that person had tried to kill her first. Much like Breaking Bad, which the show definitely takes inspiration from, it always seemed that Barry would only get worse the harder he tried to put his criminal life behind him to live a normal life.

Winkler's brief update on the show makes one ask where exactly they go from here. Even though Gene's life was ruined because Barry killed Janice, one may wonder if he feels guilty for ratting on Barry after Barry did his best to make it up to him beforehand. Gene only cracked when Janice's father interrogated him on the matter itself. Will he try to get Barry off the hook, or will he try to make it up to Barry as best he can for putting him in jail?

Also, will the show keep up its balance of being funny while being both dark and intense? Barry season 3 ventured into new areas not seen in the first two seasons because it centered around Fuches telling the families and friends of what Barry did to them - regardless of whether his story was true or not. Now Barry won't have to worry about people killing him on the outside, but this may be the start of his past finally catching up to him. Even though Barry himself is not a good guy, the show can't help but make the audience sympathize with him because all he wants is to have a normal life with a fulfilling purpose. Because he'll do anything to attain that, including murder, he unfortunately never will have it. Especially now.

Something that Barry has also been quite genius at is subverting expectations. At multiple points, it seems as though the main characters are forced into a corner and have no way out. That is until a certain twist of fate comes along to completely flip the situation on its head - think the episode, "What?!" So, when the fourth season starts, one can't help but wonder if Barry truly will be going to prison or if, by some twist of fate, he'll be able to beat the rap there too.

Barry can currently be watched on HBO Max.

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Source: E! News