Battle royale games have been getting bigger and more popular over the years. These types of games have changed how gamers play, forcing them to be more cautious and strategic as opposed to running and gunning. Most, if not all, battle royales have stayed within the shooter style of gameplay. Even though making a battle royale a shooter is much safer, one game has proven that it's possible to make a great non-shooter in this genre: Naraka: Bladepoint, which focuses on hack-and-slash combat.


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Because Naraka: Bladepointmakes the player fight more aggressively, it relies more on the combat. There are many cool and unique aspects to this game, including the PVE portion. One of the cooler things to happen in Naraka: Bladepoint is witnessing the rare sighting of a massive dragon called Moonbane. Since not many players have reported fighting it, beating can be seen as hard, but it's not. Since the combat and playstyle is much different from other battle royales, players may feel overwhelmed. But, if they use these tips alongside this guide, taking down Moonbane will be so much easier.

Summoning Moonbane

Unlike other PVE events in other battle royale games, Naraka: Bladepoint will need players to meet certain conditions in order to summon the dragon. However, even then, Moonbane might not show up, so players will go through many matches without getting the dragon.

Moonbane is exclusive to a specific mode, the Heralds Trial Matches, which is the ranked playlist. This means that if players are in the solo queue or playing Quick Battle, it won't show up. Players will also need to be Platinum ranked. This part is flexible, because some players have seen Moonbane at Gold rank, but the dragon has a higher chance of appearing when players are at the highest rank. Thus, the best way to increase the odds of Moonbane showing up is to consistently play the Herald's Trials Matches, specifically the trios section.

Lastly, only the last team standing with all three members alive can face Moonbane. In this way, Naraka: Bladepoint gives players a reason to fight until the end, because they can get this dragon and any loot that comes with it. As mentioned before, even if players meet the criteria, Moonbane will still have a high chance of not showing up at all, so the best indication would be in the lobby. Moonbane makes an appearance right before the match, so players will know it's there.

Defeating Moonbane: Parrying

Parrying plays a massive role in this particular battle royale game, and it's essential in this battle. Even though Naraka: Bladepoint has a ton of excellent weapons from all classes, parrying matters the most when fighting Moonbane. Facing the dragon can actually be easy if all players are helping and putting an equal amount of damage, and parrying makes a world of difference.

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Parrying is best done when the enemy is about to do a Focused Strike, which players can anticipate because the enemy's weapon will have a blue glint indicating it. When facing Moonbane, parrying can be done more easily, since its attacks can be slower than the players. Using the parry system against Moonbane is the best way to get it down.

When it launches lighting bolts on the players, the best way to counter that is to parry them, reflecting those bolts and hitting Moonbane back. This will do a lot of damage to Moonbane, so if players parry every shot back at it, huge chunks of Moonbane's health will drop. With two other players there to help, the squad can easily take it down if they coordinate their attacks.

Naraka: Bladepoint: is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with an Xbox One and PS5 version in development.

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