OMORI is an RPG with tons of options for the player to choose from, including options that seem deceptively simple. One choice can lead to several routes, including options that might impact the ending the player achieves by the end of the game. What’s more is that endings can be achieved in a multitude of ways: from early game decisions to decisions only made after defeating the final boss.

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With so many decisions to make and with players perhaps not even realizing that their choices have so much impact, it can be difficult to figure out what to do to get a specific ending or to discover all the secrets that the game has to offer. Though there are many endings players can achieve in OMORI depending on their choices and the route they follow, many players want to know specifically what the ‘best’ ending is.

With that in mind, follow the tips in this article to achieve the Good Ending via the Sunny Route, as well as the hidden Secret Ending! (Though this article will contain spoilers, the specifics of each route will not be spoiled).

How To Achieve OMORI's Good Ending (Sunny Route)

The Good Ending, also known as the True Ending within the game data of OMORI, can only be accessed via the Sunny Route of the game. The Sunny Route is easy enough to get onto – simply choose to open the door each day for Kel when he knocks. This allows access to Faraway Town and is generally acknowledged as the standard route, so it shouldn't be too hard to access!

Once on the Sunny Route, many of the game’s endings become accessible to the player. The route will also culminate in the player fighting Basil while inside Basil’s house. The player will fall unconscious, and must then fight Omori while in the White Space. This fight against Omori is impossible to win, and the player will always lose.

To access the Good Ending while on the Sunny Route, the player must choose to continue after dying to Omori. Certain options the player can choose will change, and the game will play out, allowing the player to finally defeat Omori for good. This will also allow players to gain the ‘One more day…’ achievement.

How To Achieve OMORI's Secret Ending

The Secret Ending in OMORI is a hidden ending that the player can only accessafter completing the Good Ending, as it includes a cutscene that will only play out after the Good Ending cutscene plays out first. While it might be a little difficult to understand how to access it at first, it’s easy enough to achieve.

To achieve the Secret Ending in OMORI, the player must make sure to water Basil’s flowers each day while in Headspace. The watering can is found after the second time the player finds themselves in Headspace; use it on wilting flowers to water them. This will also allow players to gain the ‘Green Thumb’ achievement.

OMORI is currently available on PC, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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