Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC) are annual competitive Pokemon tournaments leading up to the World Championships. Players and viewers follow the event's news as it updates with each passing season.

Competitive Pokemon is a complex world; fans have a few different resources they can reference for information on the Pokemon VGC, such as the metagame and format, which change yearly. However, beginners can learn everything they need about competitive battling using a few key websites.


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The Official Pokemon Website

The Official Pokemon Website, hosted by The Pokemon Company, is home to everything Pokemon. It has a Pokedex, game and app information, TCG resources, and Pokemon TV news. This is the official Pokemon site, so any information regarding the franchise can be found here. It also explains the Play! Pokemon Program. This program is the driving force behind the VGC.

It is a great starting place for getting information on the where, how, and when of the tournaments and the official Rule Book and information guide. Viewers of the site can find information on the following (and more):

  • The Pokemon League
  • The Champion Series
  • Streaming info
  • Championship Points, Ratings, and Rankings

Victory Road

Victory Road is an excellent resource for the latest VGC news. It breaks down all the current season's events and structure. It has a few resources: a competitive glossary, battle information, format rules and regulations, allowed and banned pokemon, and rental team info.

It has all the series' formats broken down by season, so players seeking information on past events can find it in one place. Additionally, It has a detailed match schedule, including winner information and links to register for the next upcoming event.

There are links to other useful websites, and interested players can also learn how to sign up for the Victory Road Circuit, a 5-week virtual Pokemon showdown hosted by Victory Road.

Smogon University

Smogon is a great website to learn team building and competitive battling strategies. It has guides and resources for everyone, regardless of their competitive level or game knowledge. Many competitors use the Smogon Tier system as it influences the metagame.

There is also a thorough strategy dex with information on every Pokemon divided by generation. Players can use the trainer's school for battling 101 or enjoy the different forums and sense of community on the site.

Smogon also has a competitive circuit called the Smogon Tour that players can participate in.

VGC Guide

VGC Guide is a creative resource for casual and competitive Pokemon players. It is a handy virtual guide to battling and team building. It prompts players to deep dive into thinking strategically when choosing their battle squad and gives step-by-step instructions for those unsure where to start.

The site is also easy to navigate, so finding the correct information can be done fast.

World Cup of Pokemon VGC

Fans and players can find all the World Championship tournament videos, competitive pokemon team stats, prizes, and tournament schedules on the World Cup of Pokemon VGC website.

In addition, the site is home to complete lists of all the teams from the different regions competing. It also details everything there is to know about the World Championships, including the tournament structure, important dates, teams, and sponsors.

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