Ever since the new PlayStation Plus service was first unveiled earlier this year, owners of Sony consoles have been constantly on the lookout for which games will join the expanded roster available, and what features will be on the way as the gaming giant somewhat seeks to echo the success of Xbox Game Pass. So far, hundreds of games have been confirmed for PlayStation Plus Premium and PlayStation Plus Extra, as the expanded subscription service has been rolling out across the world.


Now, Sony has released a new trailer as the new PlayStation Plus drops for European users. The trailer features an older man walking home. When he enters his house, it is revealed that he owns dozens of pieces of PlayStation memorabilia, alluding to the many titles that are available in the new PlayStation Plus. Some iconic gaming items can be seen in the trailer, including the baby from Death Stranding, a Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne, and even a fully functioning Watcher from the Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West games.

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As the character in the trailer walks through his extensive collection of gaming items, the narration of the trailer discusses taking on many roles. The trailer's title is "Why be one thing, when you can be anything?" Again, this alludes to the varied and plentiful roster of games available in the new PlayStation Plus service, with fans now able to play even PS1 games as Sony finally seems to be putting a focus on video game preservation and making older titles playable.

However, some fans have found a problem with these older PlayStation games, especially those coming from the PS1 that are stuck at their native PAL 50Hz versions. However, Sony has recently come out to say that as part of the new PlayStation Plus launch, it will be adding NTSC options for a "majority," of these games. Sony hasn't yet stated which games will be getting a speedier performance, but it seems likely that this news will come with time.

So far, fans have been largely positive about the launch of the new PlayStation Plus subscription service, and it seems a positive move for Sony to ditch its PlayStation Now service. Already, some gamers are looking to other companies to follow in Sony's footsteps. Namely, some think that if Nintendo was to follow the PlayStation Plus formula it could make the price of entry to Nintendo Switch Online seem worth it.

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