It often seems like fans can't just be purely happy anymore. Or maybe it was always like that and news sites didn't report on the petty stuff. Whatever the case, people have gotten a bit snippy in reaction to a recent reveal regarding She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Jameela Jamil, to the point where the actress actually came out to address it.

Jamil, the actress behind the villain Titania in the upcoming She-Hulk series, recently got a grand reveal thanks to some recent photos. The shots feature Jamil as Titania rocking a slightly adjusted version of the character's outfit from the comics. However, oddly enough, while many would expect fans to get up in arms about the costume change, the big issue this time around came from criticisms claiming she looked oddly disheveled in the pictures. Weirdly enough, that almost seems wholesome compared to how it could have gone.


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Jamil quickly took to Twitter to address the comments, which made the whole situation a bit more light-hearted than these sorts of things often go. "Omg this photo..Guys... I accept every ounce of shade here," she said in a reply to a Pop Crave tweet posting one of the photos, "but in defense of my excellent hair stylist, this is just my hair after a 14-hour stunt day in Atlanta heat. Just after being upside down. She did a *great* job on the show I promise. I love her." Jamil's defense came accompanied by a funny little video showing her in the stylist's chair with a popular TikTok voice-over in the background saying, "I feel like if God wanted to make me mentally stable, he would have made me mentally stable."

Clearly, this isn't some big controversy where fans are leading toxic attacks against Jamil for bigoted reasons or anything like that. Star Wars fans probably already have a monopoly on racist attacks right now anyway. It seems more like the Good Place star is just in on a joke with the fans, who noticed she was looking a bit ragged in one of her photos. While there are likely some commenters who take joy in tearing down others, there's also a good chance that many were simply worried that Jamil was working to the point of exhaustion on the set of She-Hulk.

Frankly, this is a refreshing change as far as fan backlash goes. Between things like the racist attacks against Moses Ingram and certain real-life villains employing transphobic attacks against Elliot Page, a bunch of comments about someone's hair in a superhero show feel downright quaint in comparison. That's not even to mention Jamil's response, which carries an air of "laughing with them, not at them" for the whole thing.

Jamil's sense of humor about the issue bodes well for what to expect when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law finally premieres. As what could potentially be a notable step by Marvel Studios into the world of straight comedy, this might be exactly what the franchise needs after so much serious, world-shattering chaos in recent years.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut on August 17th, 2022, on Disney Plus.

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Source: Jameela Jamil/Twitter