Stray has been one of the most refreshing and enjoyable games of the year, giving fans a unique experience and loads of adorable cat moments. Set in a cyberpunk city, and tackling puzzles, platforming challenges, and chases, fans were able to not only learn more about the various characters in the game, but also about the world as a whole with various hints and clues being revealed in the form of murals, pictures, and conversations. However, with the way the game ended, there is a possibility that Stray 2 could pick up right where the first game left off.


At the end of Stray, the cat finally finds himself outside the walled city and back in the open wilderness of the world without humans. While many could see this as the end, it is clear that the cat still has a lot more to do since now his journey will be about exploring the world until he can find his lost family. So, while Stray was all about escaping the city to get back to the world the cat was familiar with, Stray 2 should be set in the outside world as the cat attempts to find his family, and makes a few discoveries along the way.

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Search For The Family

From the first moments of Stray, the game gave us an insight into the close relationship the cat family shared, so when the cat fell and woke up inside the city, it became clear that his one goal was to reunite with his lost family. After finally solving the puzzles and challenges to get back out, the cat lost his companion drone, B-12, and is now alone in the outside world. So, his next logical goal would be to not only survive the dangers of the outside world but also to look for his lost family.

If Stray 2 were to continue the story, the cat has a lot of unexpected challenges ahead of him in a world that is full of mystery and intrigue. With the world seemingly void of humanity, it will look very different from the city that players have explored in the first game as it will likely be dominated by nature and filled with other animals that could prove to be the real challenge. However, the resourceful cat should be able to handle anything thrown at it and continue the search for his lost family.

The Human Story

One of the biggest questions that rose from Stray was what happened to the humans and how the Zurks were able to kill them all with their apparent weakness to light. It is a mystery that was hinted at a few times during the game but was never actually explained in detail, however, it is also possible that a handful of humans still survive. If the cat can find humans in the outside world, it will likely try to befriend them, however, without a drone to translate the relationship will be hard to maintain.

If Stray 2 is set in the outside world, then many questions regarding humans will need to be answered, either by showing players that not all humans died and having the cat run into a few or by leaving hints as to how the humans met their fate. Through murals, signs, messages, and more, the human story of Stray can be flushed out, and the game can finally answer all the lingering questions that players have. Whether humans are still alive or not, Stray 2 will need to make humans one of the focus points to ensure that players are not left with even more questions than in the first game.

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New Robots and Companion

Following the events of Stray, the cat’s friendly and resourceful drone companion, B-12 is dead, having given up his own life to open the door of the walled city and let the cat get out. However, with a new game comes new challenges, new interactions, and more puzzles that the cat will need to solve. The outside world could also be home to some other robots that the cat could use to find a way back to his family, and more robots will likely mean a new drone companion.

While B-12 was a lovable character, his sense of emotion and level of intelligence seemed to stem from the fact that he was once human. So, Stray 2’s companion could be cold and calculated, since it would have needed that to survive in the dangers of the outside world. However, for Stray 2 to be as enjoyable and lore heavy as the first game, it will need to include a new companion that can help the cat interact with the inhabitants of the outside world and help him find his way back to his family.

With AAA titles dominating the gaming world, Stray’s arrival was not only a breath of fresh air but also captivated the fans’ imagination and intrigue. This has led to many fans hoping that a sequel to the game will be available in the future so that they can continue to explore and understand the world by controlling the adorable cat. With so many questions left unanswered, a new world that is full of possibilities and ripe for exploration, and probably new friends and foes, Stray 2 is already set up to be an exciting sequel.

Stray is currently available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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