The Lost Wild is an upcoming survival horror game that is slated for a Steam release in 2024. The maiden title from developer Great Ape Games, it debuted at the end of the recent Annapurna Interactive Showcase with an exciting-looking trailer. The footage gave fans a glimpse of an eerie, Jurassic-Park style island, complete with empty facility buildings, abandoned vehicles, and most importantly, plenty of ferocious-looking dinosaurs roaming around. The Lost Wild is certainly aiming high, and it looks to be blending elements of Resident Evil 7 and the Dino Crisis series which debuted in the late 90s.


On paper, dinosaurs and video games seem like a match made in heaven. Ever since Steven Spielberg's iconic Jurassic Park movie was released in 1993, there has been a renewed fascination with dinosaurs, majestic creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Technology has advanced significantly since Spielberg's team managed to create a fully digital T-Rex in the early 90s, and the possibility to recreate life-like dinosaurs using digital effects has increased exponentially. Despite this, though, dinosaurs haven't really dominated the video game scene like they once dominated the Earth. Indeed, most dinosaur-related games that are released are usually small, independent productions that sell quite poorly and review even worse. The Lost Wild will be looking to change all of this.

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Blending Dino Crisis With Resident Evil 7

Just how much direct combat will be involved can't be determined yet, but it seems like it will be a secondary focus if anything. Breaking down The Lost Wild's trailer, it is apparent that direct conflict with these prehistoric creatures does not look like a preferred option. The protagonist seems to be a simple reporter with no survival skills as such, who winds up on a mysterious dinosaur-infested island. This means that the player will need to be resourceful, using various gadgets and tools they find around the island in order to create distractions and get the upper hand against the dinosaurs. Footage shows the protagonist using a flare and also a simple flare gun as distraction tools.

Perhaps one of the best examples of a beloved dinosaur game is the Dino Crisis franchise. Since debuting in 1999, the series was known as 'Resident Evil with dinosaurs' due to its graphical and gameplay similarities. The third and final installment was released in 2003 for Xbox. Unlike The Lost Wild, though, these third-person action games certainly put an emphasis on combat, with the protagonists always being trained military personnel rather than unarmed civilians. Indeed, the upcoming survival horror game probably has more in common with Resident Evil 7 than Dino Crisis.

Resident Evil 7 Revitalized The Franchise

Resident Evil 7 represented a huge departure from the iconic franchise's tried and tested formula, moving away from a third-person action game with elements of horror, instead becoming a full-on first-person survival horror game. Fans of the franchise probably felt like they'd had the rug pulled from under their feet, however, this was a gamble that paid off massively for Capcom. Resident Evil 7 garnered strong review scores from critics, who praised the developer for completely revitalizing a formula that was starting to seem worn out.

The genuine moment-to-moment scares provided by Resident Evil 7 served to create a chilling atmosphere. For long-standing fans of the series who were far more used to blowing a monster's head off with a shotgun rather than trying to stealthily creep around it, the game served as an unexpected but ultimately welcome change. This was further built on and explored in Resident Evil: Village, which tried to keep the same level of atmosphere but added more action into the mix.

Despite initially planning to only release on Steam, Great Ape Games has already stated its intention to launch on consoles a little further down the line. If The Lost Wild is able to take parts of what made Dino Crisis successful, and alchemize it with the sort of atmosphere that was present in Resident Evil 7, gamers may finally get the dinosaur game they've been waiting for.

The Lost Wild is currently in development.

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