Xbox Game Pass currently has its plans through August 15 outlined, with a handful of games coming to the service and five games leaving on that date. As that gets closer, Xbox Game Pass will likely announce its plans for the second half of August, but prior to then, there are quite a few things to look forward to.

The next Xbox Game Pass drop is August 9, and players will be able to check out Two Point Campus on PC, cloud, and console. It's a university management simulator, but one that packs a lot of emotion into its mechanics.


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Xbox Game Pass - Two Point Campus

Teaching isn't a profession someone goes into to get rich, but because of a particular passion. While Two Point Campus doesn't put players directly into the shoes of a professor, it does approach this sort of passion from an administration/management position. Players will need to build, boost, and appoint classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, cultural events, extracurricular activities, lecturers, assistants, and janitors. Two Point Campus has a student-first approach, as not only do players need to ensure that they have a good education, but are not too stressed out to avoid enjoying the nightlife. Vice versa, a student who is too much into the party scene may not attend class (and as a result, potentially fail).

Student archetypes and personas are generated, and it's up to the player to navigate their college journey. Every year in-game lasts around 20 minutes, and players will constantly encounter new students as freshmen arrive and graduation is held. How and if each student succeeds or fails is up to the player, ensuring it's an emotional journey. Of course, as a game, the sandbox wouldn't be a proper sandbox without some zany additions, such as students who are studying to become a Medieval knight or want to enroll in a Hogwarts Legacy-like wizardry class.

It's this student focus that sets the game apart from other management sims. As reported by GamesRadar back in 2021, game director Gary Carr said "the byproduct we want is when you say goodbye to your first enrollment, if we can make you have a little tear in your eye as you're waving them off into the great wide world, that's awesome." And the game accomplishes this by putting these students first and punching in as much emotion into the simulation as it possibly can.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of games every month.

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