I got my mom’s bite mark tattooed on me — she was in tears when she saw it

A man who got his mom’s bite mark tattooed on his leg has told how she was left in tears when she saw the result.

Cinco Magallanes, who is from the US and posts under the acronym @c1nc00, shared a short video on TikTok where he can be sitting in the tattooist’s chair preparing for his inking.

Moments later, his mom bends down towards his leg before opening her mouth and leaving an imprint of her teeth on his skin.

The tattooist then outlines the bite mark in pen, before making it permanent with a needle.

Cinco is delighted with the results and shared his mom’s emotional reaction to the sentimental tattoo.

She can be seen putting her thumbs up to the camera, before wiping away some emotional tears.

The post has since garnered over 7.2million views and been inundated with comments – with very mixed reviews.

“Odd choice but I respect it,” wrote one.

A second commented: “I’m having mixed feeling about this one.”

A third penned: “Could’ve been her name or sum but no…her bite mark…”

Meanwhile, another replied: “Personally if my mum bit me like that I wouldn’t let that slide.”

Cinco Magallanes decided to get his mother’s bite mark tattooed on his leg.
The mother is seen shedding a tear after her son shows her the final product.

Cinco quipped: “The bite hurt worst then the tattoo…”

Elsewhere, others were a fan of the unique idea.

One person wrote: “Respect. She’s always with you now.”

A second agreed: “All this people who think is weird or don’t think is right must not appreciate their mother, your mother will always be there for you.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.