This is why Americans say they aren’t prioritizing their health

Half of Americans find it hard to stay healthy.

A survey of 2,000 people found three in five US adults (58%) have attempted an average of five different diets in their lifetime — with 79% of dieters who fail immediately reverting back to their bad eating habits.

The poll — commissioned by Medifast, the company behind wellness group OPTAVIA — revealed that 50% of those dieting reportedly do so to help them feel good physically, 48% to lose weight, 47% to boost their energy and immune systems, and 47% say they diet to feel good mentally, Talker reported.

Over half of the respondents said they hadn’t considered other factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, such as sleep (56%), mental health (57%) and hydration (57%). Many cited lack of time (41%) and lack of positive influences (41%) as the most common challenges they faced when trying to work on their health.

Seventy percent of US adults now consider their health to be one of the top priorities in their life.
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Fifty-eight percent of Americans have tried a diet in their lifetime.

Support seemed to be the biggest hurdle for many, with 67% agreeing they’d be more successful in reaching their health goals if they had more support and 66% agreeing having support from others also on a health journey is helpful when making lifestyle changes.

The coronavirus has spurred many Americans to reconsider their health as a top priority, with 70% of adults commonly choosing their health over other responsibilities, like taking care of family (56%) and career (57%).

Dan Chard, chairman and CEO of Medifast, said the results showed consumers are “seeking a solution that meets the demands of our modern lives.”

“A holistic approach with a built-in support system can help those who have failed on traditional diets alone,” he said. “Building long-term healthy habits is easier when surrounded by a community of people who get it – because they’ve been on a similar journey.”