The 15 best men’s underwear brands for every style and budget in 2022

Boxers or briefs?

We don’t mean to pry, but underwear is one of the essential items of clothing a man owns.

Hoping that you wear them daily, having good, quality pairs of underpants is necessary throughout the week.

Whether you love the tighter briefs that are smooth underpants or a looser boxer that lets you stay cool and comfortable (like your pajamas) in the warmer months, we have you covered — no pun intended.

Instead of listing these pair by pair, we tracked down the best brands to shop for and will let you do the rest, choosing packs of multiple pairs for the week or choosing fun patterns and colors to express yourself.

Read on for suggestions for some new skivvies, and then get ready to do a no-pants dance in your underwear sans holes and stains for 2022.

Shopping for women’s underwear as well? We have an article on that, too.

1. Calvin Klein


Look stylish in your Calvin’s when you shop at Amazon. The site has many different styles of Calvin Klein, including boxer briefs, hip briefs, classic boxers and more.

2. Hanes


“Comfort for All” is Hanes’s mission, and we think the mission is accomplished with the variety of men’s underwear offered by the brand. Their Amazon storefront has many options, from looser boxers to tighter briefs and everything in between.

3. Bombas


Put your booty in a pair of Bombas and never turn back. The basics brand offers a variety of cuts and styles, with an inclusive range of sizing too. Shop from a small to a 3XL in most styles, including active boxer briefs and cotton boxers.

4. Tommy John

Tommy John

What length do you prefer when it comes to inseam? Tommy John has something for you no matter the answer, allowing you to shop by style from longer 8-inch boxer briefs and six-inch boxers to short 2-inch square cut underwear and 0-inch briefs.

5. American Eagle

American Eagle

Don’t stop at just jeans at American Eagle when you can add some undies to your cart while you’re at it. AE underwear for men comes in a wide variety of styles, including super long 9-inch boxer briefs to very short briefs.

6. Versace


Start your day by slipping on a pair of luxury underwear and feeling powerful all day long. These boxers from Versace can be found at Farfetch and come in a few styles for those that like boxers or shorter briefs. We love the ones with the Greca logo, if that’s your thing.

7. lululemon


Don’t sweat it; these are great for all activities. The athletic underwear from lululemon is great for comfort and style, with each option built for every aspect of your day. The Built to Move boxers are great for training, while the Always in Motion collection is a perfect everyday brief.

8. Nike


Summer is here, which means dry-fit underwear is a must. These sweat-wicking undies from Nike are a lifesaver in the summer heat and come in various colors, sizes and cuts.

9. Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom

Make sure your underwear is balanced and colorful with selects from Fruit of the Loom. You can find the brand on Amazon, with a storefront just for men’s underwear. For breathable boxers, choose this performance stretch pack or the bestselling “tighty whities” with over 50,000 ratings.

10. Tommy Hilfiger


Add some prep to your step with these classy pairs of underwear from Tommy Hilfiger. You can find them at Macy’s, with fun cotton printed boxers, tighter stretch trunks and more.

11. Jockey


They call them “jockey shorts” for a reason. This brand has become one and the same when talking about your underwear, so we had to include them. Shop all colors and cuts of Jockey at Walmart, with boxers, briefs and more.

12. Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon

These high-tech and high-performance undies are made for all-day wear. The Mack Weldon brand is known for quality, helping your underwear last for longer, not only day-to-day but for their lifespan, unlike brands that get rips and tears too easily. Shop a la carte or build your own pack now.

13. MeUndies


The perfect pair for you? Try MeUndies. The brand combines comfort and humor with fun and funny prints on each pair. Check out their boxers with or without a built-in fly, briefs and more, or if you are shopping with a partner, head to the matching MeUndie page for the perfect couples present.

14. Saxx


No, this isn’t the department store Sak’s. This is Saxx, the underwear brand designed with the male anatomy in mind. Each pair has its patented “BallPark Pouch” to help protect the contents of your undies while also having a fun and flattering pattern or design.

15. CDLP


Do you want designer duds all the way down to your undies? CDLP can help with that. The design house specializes in extra luxurious-feeling underwear for men, with lyocell fabric that feels silky smooth on the skin. Shop around for boxers or briefs, or sign up for their underwear subscription, so you never have to worry.

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