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Douglas Murray is a Senior Fellow at National Review Institute

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Jan. 6 hearings are flawed — but Republicans can't ignore Trump's bad behavior

Trump ignored the most basic foundations of democracy, including respecting election results and ensuring the peaceful handover of power. If that is not disqualifying, it is hard to know what...

Deranged COVID-clingers still want Broadwaygoers to be put through Rikers-like procedures

Broadwaygoers have been put through Rikers Island-like procedures in order to watch a show, yet the long-time-coming lift of its mask requirements doesn't sit well with the COVID clingers.

Trans surgery for children is not a 'right' to be fought for

Despite being gay, I've always had a problem with Pride month.

Democrats won't apologize for inciting violence

Here is a prediction that can be made with 100% certainty. If a Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice had just had their life threatened, this nation’s politics and media would be...

America is being held hostage by loony demands 

The left’s unreasonable demands on topics ranging from police, sexual harassment and drug overdoses is stopping America from making any progress on the issues.

Obama and other Dems are still using George Floyd to push a false narrative

What does the actions of one rogue, wicked, cop have to do with all Americans? Why should Floyd be seen to be the emblematic figure of modern America?

Talk about deadly obesity risks in America? Fat chance

Through the whole of the last two years almost nobody in any position of authority dared issue any public lessons about the risks of obesity.

Why can't these loathsome elites just give up the masked charade?

On a visit to DC this week I discovered something everybody might know. Which is that dwellers in the swamp still wear masks.

A divided America is united in its freedom to debate those differences

America is different, and always has been. The Founders understood that free speech is messy, noisy, irritating and more. Yet it is also the only way for a country to...

Reparations aren’t about justice. They’re an act of revenge

There’s a tendency in our own age which does not allow wounds to mend or heal.