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NYC's overblown migrant crisis, Iran's threat and other commentary

“The problem is not that New York and D.C. are ‘overwhelmed’ with illegals. The problem is that they want it to appear they are overwhelmed in order to get the...

The CDC FINALLY catches up (sort of) to reality

After years of absurd COVID theater, the Centers for Disease Control has at long last eased its guidelines on quarantine, social distancing and testing.

Gov. Hochul knows the immigrant crisis is national — why won't she act like it?

Hochul wants Americans to set aside their “passions around [immigration] and say: ‘This is actually good for our economy.'” But progressive bromides won’t end the border crisis. Only changes in...

Cuomo's clueless chutzpah in demanding taxpayers fund his sex-harassment defense

The disgrace of having to resign rather than be impeached hasn't ended ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo chutzpah.

Biden's created our bad new normal, and he's loving it

If this is “working,” we’d hate to see “not working.” But we expect no less from the author of our new normal, who’s as divorced from reality on the economy...

The anniversary of our Afghanistan withdrawal will be a moment of lasting shame

Afghans are more oppressed than ever, al Qaeda can again plot and plan from an entire country of "safe space" — and Joe Biden has moved on to lying about...

Latest Mar-a-Lago raid info isn't enough — Merrick Garland still owes America a full explanation

Attorney General Merrick Garland still needs to provide more information to explain the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Eric Adams' casino pal is triple-dipping taxpayers

Adams defends his hires as qualified people whom he has good reason to trust. But the smell keeps adding up. He should tell his pal Pearson to choose between public...

An ‘out-of-touch’ White House, don’t single out Trump and other commentary

President Biden “triumphantly” boasts of “zero inflation last month,” notes Commentary’s Noah Rothman, yet a drop “from its sharpest increase in 40 years is the least we could hope for.”

Welcome to college — let the indoctrination begin!

Welcome, class of ’26. We have just one piece of advice. The most important thing to learn in college is how to think for yourself.