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The Jan. 6 incitement case against Trump only gets stronger

In the wake of devastating testimony from an aide to his chief of staff, will the Justice Department indict former President Donald Trump?

Ralph Fiennes to star as New York City titan Robert Moses in new play

The play “Straight Line Crazy” stars Ralph Fiennes. Opened in London and heading here in fall.

Letters to the Editor — June 30, 2022

New York Post readers weigh in on the group of 53 migrants who suffocated while being smuggled in the back of a tractor-trailer.

Albany's never-ending tax hikes are now backfiring — big-time

Some 300,000 New York City residents, who as a group earned $21 billion in 2019, fled as the pandemic broke out — and many cite high taxes as a key...

Liberals are more likely to be maladjusted wet blankets: Here's the proof

Leftists are miserable by nature, even if some of them are better at coping with it than their most insufferable peers.

Don't become desensitized to Russia's Ukraine war crimes -- it is our moral imperative to help

Prioritizing our own comforts over the lives of those fighting to defend their own country and the West’s most fundamental values will not be remembered fondly by history.

Democrats snubbed the working class and other commentary

“The values and priorities of the Democratic Party today are not reflective of the working-class families, such as my own, that supported it for years,” charges Rene Lopez at Newsweek.

Maximalists on both sides threaten a federalist compromise on abortion

Pro-choice states have responded with legislation that aims to frustrate such threats. Those interstate disputes pose complicated issues that will play out in the courts for years.

Time for Republicans to unite behind Zeldin and save NY

Congratulations to Rep. Lee Zeldin for his victory in Tuesday night's primary. Now comes the real battle: Unseating Gov. Kathy Hochul.

You should be reaching out to Rudy, Eric, not picking fights with him

The blowup between Mayor Adams and former mayor Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday would be unfortunate at any time, but is especially so now.